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PDF Creator

How to delete pages from PDF

You’re working with a document that has few pages that need to be removed from the PDF. Below we show the simplest way to do that.

Delete Pages from PDF Online

  1. Go to https://www.sejda.com/delete-pdf-pages
  2. Drag and drop your files to the web page
  3. Remove the pages you don’t want
  4. Click Apply Changes and then Download you result PDF

Remove the pages

Click the Delete button on the page thumbnails to remove pages you don’t need.

There’s a zoom feature to enlarge the pages so the contents is clearer.

How do you edit a PDF?

There are many ways to edit PDF files. Below we show some of the solutions available.

We divide the solutions in 2 categories: 

We’ll start with two solutions that require installation.

Adobe Acrobat

The go to program to edit pdf files is Adobe Acrobat. With Acrobat installed you can access editing tools to resize, move or change your PDF file.

Microsoft Word

PDF files can be converted to Word documents and then edited using Microsoft Word.

Now let’s move on to a free online PDF editor.

Online PDF Editor

For quick changes it’s always great to use online software that works in your browser and doesn’t require installation.

Better yet, it should integrate with your favourite cloud storage so you can seamlessly open, edit and save your files.

We’ll use Sejda’s PDF Editor to edit PDF files online.

Edit existing text

To edit existing text in the PDF document click on it and start typing your changes. What’s supported:


Add text

To add new text ensure the text tool is selected on the top menu and click on the page where you’d like text to be added.

Fonts from the document are available for new text. If the font is subset, then not all characters will be available. Standard fonts are available by default (and contain all characters).



The whiteout tool can be used to cover a part of the page. It will not remove all contents underneath it, rather just hide it. So it’s not recommended for redacting sensitive information.


Add images

You can add images to the PDF document. Images can be rotated, resized and moved.

To resize the added image, click on it and the drag the resize handlers. To move the image drag it with your mouse.


Add Signature

Sejda’s PDF editor allows to sign PDF files. Signatures can be added via three ways:


Fill forms

You can fill in PDF form online using Sejda’s PDF editor.

Click in the form field and start typing. Use the tab key to move from field to field.


Annotate, highlight, strikethrough

You can also highlight text with yellow color or strikethrough with red color.

The PDF document can be annotated with coloured rectangles and ovals.


PDF Creator

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