Learn how to PDF better PDF Creator Tumblr (3.0; @wwwpdfcreator) https://www-pdfcreator.com/ How to delete pages from PDF <p>You’re working with a document that has few pages that need to be <b>removed from the PDF</b>. Below we show the simplest way to do that.</p><h2>Delete Pages from PDF Online</h2><ol><li>Go to <a href="https://www.sejda.com/delete-pdf-pages">https://www.sejda.com/delete-pdf-pages</a><br/></li><li>Drag and drop your files to the web page<br/></li><li>Remove the pages you don’t want</li><li>Click <b>Apply Changes</b> and then <b>Download</b> you result PDF</li></ol><h2>Remove the pages</h2><p>Click the <b>Delete</b> button on the page thumbnails to remove pages you don’t need.</p><p>There’s a zoom feature to enlarge the pages so the contents is clearer.</p> https://www-pdfcreator.com/post/161813013282 https://www-pdfcreator.com/post/161813013282 Wed, 14 Jun 2017 09:21:11 -0400 How do you edit a PDF? <p>There are many ways to edit PDF files. Below we show some of the solutions available.</p><p>We divide the solutions in 2 categories: </p><ul><li>that you download and install<br/></li><li>that you can use online</li></ul><p>We’ll start with two solutions that require installation.</p><h2>Adobe Acrobat</h2><p>The go to program to edit pdf files is <a href="https://acrobat.adobe.com">Adobe Acrobat</a>. With Acrobat installed you can access editing tools to resize, move or change your PDF file.<br/></p><h2>Microsoft Word</h2><p>PDF files can be <a href="https://smallbusiness.chron.com/convert-pdf-word-using-acrobat-pro-54097.html">converted to Word</a> documents and then edited using <a href="https://office.live.com/start/Word.aspx">Microsoft Word</a>.</p><p>Now let’s move on to a <b>free online PDF editor</b>.</p><h2>Online PDF Editor</h2><p>For quick changes it’s always great to <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_as_a_service">use online software</a> that works in your <a href="https://www.google.com/chrome">browser</a> and <b>doesn’t require installation</b>.</p><p>Better yet, it should integrate with <a href="https://www.dropbox.com">your favourite</a> <a href="https://drive.google.com"><b>cloud storage</b></a> so you can seamlessly open, edit and save your files.</p><p>We’ll use <b>Sejda’s <a href="https://www.sejda.com/pdf-editor">PDF Editor</a></b> to edit PDF files online.</p><h2>Edit existing text</h2><p>To edit existing text in the PDF document click on it and start typing your changes. What’s supported:</p><ul><li>change text<br/></li><li>change font size<br/></li><li>change font<br/></li><li>change color<br/></li><li>make text bold or italic<br/></li></ul><figure data-orig-width="920" data-orig-height="601" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/2b0ef31da1cbd189202c5dd289b2a9ff/tumblr_inline_orjk6f2HJO1r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="920" data-orig-height="601"/></figure><h2>Add text</h2><p>To add new text ensure the text tool is selected on the top menu and click on the page where you’d like text to be added.</p><p>Fonts from the document are available for new text. If the <a href="https://www.thegraphicmac.com/pdf-font-subsetting-explained">font is subset</a>, then not all characters will be available. Standard fonts are available by default (and contain all characters).</p><figure data-orig-width="924" data-orig-height="480" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/e2a81d8ae38fb1eae7a499aeae0eaa2c/tumblr_inline_orjlezF00s1r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="924" data-orig-height="480"/></figure><h2>Whiteout</h2><p>The whiteout tool can be used to cover a part of the page. It will not remove all contents underneath it, rather just hide it. So it’s not recommended for redacting sensitive information.</p><figure data-orig-width="908" data-orig-height="578" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/c85e96df92c4c46ace873893b6592d5f/tumblr_inline_orjlbputT41r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="908" data-orig-height="578"/></figure><h2>Add images</h2><p>You can add images to the PDF document. Images can be rotated, resized and moved.</p><p>To resize the added image, click on it and the drag the resize handlers. To move the image drag it with your mouse.</p><figure data-orig-width="903" data-orig-height="485" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/dc2b156d668091589a5a5ab009c5ab25/tumblr_inline_orjlqzIqTA1r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="903" data-orig-height="485"/></figure><p><br/></p><h2>Add Signature</h2><p>Sejda’s PDF editor allows to <a href="https://www.sejda.com/pdf-editor">sign PDF files</a>. Signatures can be added via three ways:</p><ul><li><b>type your signature</b>. different hand writing styles are provided<br/></li><li><b>draw your signature</b>. use your mouse to sign your name.</li><li><b>image signature</b>. upload a picture of your signature</li></ul><figure data-orig-width="537" data-orig-height="297" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/98d8268ee35939cdd70babda1340e484/tumblr_inline_orjmmoZneh1r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="537" data-orig-height="297"/></figure><h2>Fill forms</h2><p>You can <a href="https://www.sejda.com/pdf-editor">fill in PDF form</a> online using Sejda’s PDF editor.</p><p>Click in the form field and start typing. Use the tab key to move from field to field.</p><figure data-orig-width="978" data-orig-height="534" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/38c64e26c985741efcc91675d4bb9bee/tumblr_inline_orjmvlsh9u1r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="978" data-orig-height="534"/></figure><h2>Annotate, highlight, strikethrough</h2><p>You can also highlight text with yellow color or strikethrough with red color.</p><p>The PDF document can be annotated with coloured rectangles and ovals.</p><figure data-orig-width="1003" data-orig-height="496" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/a562d35df506ac64d0daa52c2520527c/tumblr_inline_orjn5rdEPy1r9cxcv_540.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="1003" data-orig-height="496"/></figure> https://www-pdfcreator.com/post/161816365797 https://www-pdfcreator.com/post/161816365797 Tue, 02 May 2017 11:32:35 -0400 pdf editor edit pdf online PDF Creator <h2>Are you one of them?</h2><p>More than 200 million PDF documents on the web today serve as evidence of the number of organisations that rely on PDF documents to communicate.</p><h2>Get more for less! </h2><p>PDF Creator is significantly more affordable when compared to the leading solutions.</p><p>Features: </p><ul><li>Easy PDF file creation</li><li>Full Windows Support</li><li>Security Features Included</li><li>Create more than just PDF files</li><li>Merge files into one PDF</li><li>Send PDF files via Email</li><li>and so much more&hellip;..</li></ul><h2>Risk free</h2><p>Your purchase comes with a Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 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